Six Reasons to Choose Bamboo Flooring for Your Home

Bamboo has only been widely commercially grown in America for a few years and already it’s a multi-billion dollar industry. Bamboo flooring is becoming one of the latest crazes in high-end aesthetic and also eco-friendly design. The benefits of bamboo flooring are wide-reaching and still continue to be uncovered. As more research is done, we’ll

A Comparison between Hardwood and Bamboo Flooring

Here we provide a complete comparison between Hardwood and Bamboo floors. If you are a property owner, chances are that you will be faced with having to have replacement flooring installed at some point. Although there is a fantastic variety of flooring on the market these days, many people are keen to find out what

Engineered Hardwood vs Bamboo Flooring – a Comparison

Here we provide a complete comparison between Engineered Hardwood and Bamboo flooring. Are you a property owner who is considering purchasing new or replacement flooring, but you aren’t sure whether to choose between engineered hardwood and bamboo? If this is the case, the information below will help you make the most informed choice possible. Aspects

Cali Bamboo Review

Founded in 2004, Cali Bamboo specializes in producing sustainable building materials for both commercial and residential use. For Cali Bamboo Reviews, it’s important to know that the San Diego-based manufacturer strives to create innovative design alternatives that are environmentally friendly, producing a wide variety of green building supplies including bamboo flooring, fencing, composite decking, and

Bamboo Flooring: How It’s Made & Why You Need It

What type of wood is best for a hardwood floor? Well, that’s kind of a big question. Some woods are harder than others, making them more resistant to damage from pets or accidents. But then there’s the appearance of the wood to consider, as you want it to go with your overall decor. Then there’s

The Most Durable Flooring Options for Your Home

So you want to know the most durable flooring money can buy? Concrete. Done. But that’s not really what you wanted to know, is it? Like most attributes, durability is on a sliding scale. The most durable floor may also be one of the least desirable. The question of durability cannot be answered in a

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