Empire Flooring in Charlotte

Thanks to the fabulous range at Empire Flooring in Charlotte, shopping for new or replacement flooring has never been easier for property owners. From vinyl plank to laminate, plush carpeting to ceramic tiles or even solid hardwood, Empire Floors has it all. In addition, experienced team members are on hand to provide assistance with regards to choosing the best type of flooring and helping customers to remain within their allocated budgets.

When choosing new flooring, many property owners make the mistake of basing their choices based on price and appearance. However, it’s essential to consider which part of the home the new flooring will be installed in as well. For instance, solid wood, carpets and some forms of laminate flooring are not recommended in bathrooms or laundry rooms. Tiles or sheet vinyl will better serve these areas for instance.

If at any time you are unsure of the type of flooring that will be most appropriate for a specific area in your home, Empire Flooring in Charlotte has dedicated team members on hand to assist you. In-home visits can even be scheduled so that better recommendations can be provided. Contact our Charlotte location by calling 888-332-8170.

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