Laminate Flooring Styles

Laminate flooring is now available in a number of different color, style and pattern options, making it easy for homeowners to choose what’s best for their properties. One of the main advantages of this type of flooring is that it is usually quite affordable and it is also straightforward to maintain in most cases.

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Many Finishes and Options Available

Although there weren’t many color or finish options available when laminate flooring was first introduced to the market, consumers are now spoiled for choice in this regard. Various textures, edging types patterns, colors and materials are available, so it will be easy to find the perfect match for almost any room in a home. 

Different manufacturing processes have enabled laminate flooring to look like solid wood, plastic, stone or even tiles, provided that the planks have been correctly installed. Each of these options is also available in a range of shades and colors as well. Edging can be obtained as pressed, beveled or square, enabling the flooring to have different appearances after being laid. Common textures that are available include embossed, smooth, and handscraped. 

Maintenance and Care

After choosing from the available laminate flooring styles, it’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding care and maintenance. No harsh cleaning products should be used, as these will damage the top layer beyond repair. Any spills or messes should be mopped up as soon as they are noticed to prevent swelling and warping of the planks. 

After installing laminate flooring, care should be taken to not drop sharp objects on to it, as it is not possible to repair it – the entire plank will need to be replaced if it gets damaged. As a result, manufacturers and installers recommend that you purchase a few extra planks to keep on hand in case damage occurs.

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