Laminate Flooring

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4 Reasons to Use Laminate Flooring

Over the last decade or so, various types of laminate flooring have become extremely popular in homes and business properties. As a result, it is now available in a large range of color and finish options, meaning that most property owners should find one that appeals to them. There are a few reasons why laminate flooring should be considered.

1. Affordable

Laminate floors have become one of the most affordable options when it comes to refinishing floors in a home or office. In fact, some companies are known for selling this type of flooring for as little as $0.99 per piece (excluding installation). Additionally, there are different types of laminate flooring to cater for various budgets – some are more durable than others.

2. Easy DIY Install

Unlike most other types of floor coverings that require the help of professionals to install properly, laminate flooring can easily be considered as a DIY installation project. The pieces have been designed in such a way that they clip together, and they can easily be trimmed a little shorter or narrower if need be. One of the most important points to remember when doing this installation though is to leave the recommended gap between pieces to prevent lifting.

3. Low Maintenance

After installation, laminate flooring is relatively easy to care for and maintain. In most cases, all that is needed to keep it clean is a slightly damp mop and/or broom. Most types of laminate have a protective finish on them that make them resistant to most types of dirt and stains. However, this flooring is by no means waterproof, so it is essential to wipe up spills immediately, as this will prevent it from swelling and warping.

4. Many Styles Available

As popularity levels have increased, so have the available colors, varieties, and styles of laminate flooring. While some look like real wood, others have been designed to look like stone or have other unique types of patterns on them. Some companies that sell this type of flooring have stated that they have more than 20 different colors and designs in stock.
Property owners who are looking for a floor covering that is quick and easy to install, while still being affordable, should consider having laminate flooring installed. If they are willing and able to do so, they can save even more money by performing the installation themselves.