As most property owners know, choosing the right type of flooring for their homes or offices can seem like a daunting project. Over the past few years, bamboo flooring has become extremely popular because it is not only affordable; it is also ecologically friendly and relatively easy to care for. Below is a little more information on this flooring material.


One of the main benefits of bamboo flooring is that it is ecologically friendly. Bamboo is able to grow to maturity in three to five years, whereas trees used to manufacture hardwood flooring can take between twenty and fifty years to reach the point where they can be used for flooring.

Bamboo flooring is also easy to maintain – in most cases, all it requires to keep it looking good is regular sweeping or vacuuming. It can be damp mopped if needed as well, as it is water resistant.

Bamboo flooring is also affordable in that it can cost as little as a few dollars per square foot to purchase and install. If it starts to look dull after a few years, it is often possible to sand the surface and apply a new finishing coat to it.

Potential Disadvantages

Although bamboo flooring is water resistant, spills will need to be wiped up immediately to prevent the flooring from warping or becoming moldy over time. If this flooring is installed in climates that are humid, it can cause the planks to swell and then shrink again when humidity levels drop. Over time, this will cause the bamboo flooring to crack and warp.

While bamboo flooring is relatively easy to care for, it will be impossible to prevent it from getting scratched over time, especially if you have pets, wear high heeled shoes or move furniture around regularly. If this flooring is not swept or vacuumed regularly, dirt particles will also cause the surface to scratch and become dull over time.

When shopping for bamboo flooring, it is important that you not base your choice on the cheapest prices you can find. Although some bamboo flooring can be purchased for as little as $3 per square foot, the lower end products will not always be as durable as those that are a little more expensive. As a result, it is essential that you base your choice of bamboo flooring on existing customer reviews and the warranty that is offered at the time of purchase.