Proper Cork Floor Care: Maintaining your Cork Flooring

A stylish and long-lasting alternative to hardwood floors, cork flooring has increased in popularity in recent years. When properly cared for, cork floors are an investment that can last for several decades. Whether you have just installed new cork flooring or are moving into a house or apartment with cork floors, here is what you

The Best Hardwood Floor Cleaning Products for your Busy Life

Do you have hardwood floors and struggling to keep them clean? Considering installing hardwood, but unsure or questioning the maintenance process? Overwhelmed by all the cleaning products on the market? Don’t worry! We are here to sort out the confusion. Hardwood floors remain an attractive and powerful trend for homeowners and potential buyers. The reasons are

How to Care for Hardwood Floors Properly

Flooring and housing trends come and go, but it seems that classic hardwood never goes out of style. Hardwood is cost-effective, long-wearing, and improves the value of your home. These floors also offer aesthetic, health, and even acoustic benefits. The one perceived downside to hardwood floors is upkeep. Many homeowners forgo hardwood out of fear that it will

4 Benefits of Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Do you love how your hardwood floor looks? You might as well be interested in preserving its beauty. Professional hardwood floor cleaning might be a topic of interest to you. Even though you might think that you can do the same job yourself, the truth is that harsh chemicals do more harm than good to

5 Easy Ways to Protect Laminate Floors

But that doesn’t mean they have to scratch, scuff, and fall apart as quickly as little feet and furry paws can manage. There are ways to protect your laminate floors that will help them last quite a bit longer. We’re on a mission here. And the mission is to help you keep those floors beautiful

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