Does Empire Flooring move furniture?

An aspect that needs to be considered before purchasing flooring is whether the installers will be willing to move furniture or not before they get started with work. While some installers will be more than willing to assist with moving heavy furniture, some may not. Empire Flooring works in conjunction with a range of contractors, so it will be essential to inquire about this when purchasing your flooring.

Reduce Installation Costs

Although some companies may charge additionally for moving furniture so that flooring can be installed, many will not. However, it’s strongly recommended that all fragile items such as antiques be moved to a safe storage spot before installation starts. 

While many flooring installers may not charge extra to move furniture, it can be a good idea to move as much of it yourself as possible – this will save a lot of time and you’ll be able to enjoy your new flooring just that bit sooner. 

Comparing Flooring Types

When contacting Empire Flooring, you’ll be able to obtain advice with regards to choosing the most practical options for your home. While you may be set on choosing a specific type of flooring because it’s the cheapest or it’s an attractive color, you’ll learn which types of flooring will work best. 

The best way to choose flooring is to determine which activities will take place in each part of your home. Areas that will experience significant foot traffic should be fitted with the most durable types of flooring possible – such as tiles, darker colored carpeting or even vinyl. Parts of your home that aren’t used as often can be fitted with virtually any flooring you like – such as ultra plush carpeting in your favorite color. 

If you’ve been struggling t find the right flooring and information about having it installed, look no further than Empire Flooring. You’ll be able to obtain extensive knowledge and information about many types of flooring, while also being able to stick to your budget wherever possible. Fill in our handy website contact form today and you will be put in touch with flooring experts as soon as possible.

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