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It’s vital to ask some questions before you hire a carpet installer to stay informed about the process and pricing. A poor choice installer could carry out a bad job with your carpeting and probably cost you a lot of money in replacement or repairs. Here are essential questions you need to ask your carpet installer to ensure a quality result.

Do you have liability insurance?

Many people think that every flooring contractor is insured, but this is not always true. Make sure you know and confirm that your flooring installation company is insured. Hiring an insured contractor is vital for your installation project. Sometimes unexpected things can happen – so you can be assured that the contractor will take responsibility. 

How long have you been in business?

It’s essential to know how long your potential flooring contractor has been installing carpet. Experience is vital in any work, and the more projects your contractor has completed, the better. Inexperienced contractors can make your installation experience go south. Empire Flooring and Carpet have been around for a while with years of experience under their belts and are trusted by many customers.

Who does the installations?​

This is an incredible question to ask if you’re hiring a carpet installer. Ask if the company hires out sub-contractors or uses its own installers. It is not a problem if a company uses sub-contractors, as long as the company oversees the installations itself. 

Do you have references work I can see?

References provide valuable insight into the quality of work performed by an installer. Most retailers will have a ‘brag book’ where they showcase photos of previous installations and testimonials from previous clients. Some may even have past customer’s email or phone numbers as a reference, so that you may contact them and ask questions.

How much do you charge?

Some carpet installers charge by the square foot while others charge by the room. Make sure that the price being quoted to you is all-inclusive. Ask for a detailed breakdown of the services you will be getting before you pay.

How long will the installation take?

This is another no-brainer question that needs to be asked. Ask your installer how long the installation will take and how long before you can walk on your new flooring. To get a clear idea of the amount of time this project will take, you should have the carpet installers carry out a survey a couple of days before the installation process. 

What is your installation warranty?

Carpet warranty comes in different conditions, so be sure to ask up-front. While carpet warranty may vary, the higher the quality of the carpet, the more chance warranties are going to be higher.

Choosing The Best Carpet Installer

Are you looking for the best installation company? You are at the right place. Empire Flooring and Carpet has been offering residents access to all major brands of carpet. Our commitment is to provide honest and professional service for all of our customers. Contact us today for the perfect carpet installation in your home.


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