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Where do you go for new flooring? Are you interested in bringing new life to your hardwood floor? Laying ceramic floor tile in your kitchen? Installing carpet in the den? Or a different flooring project? Whatever it is, we’re ready with our outstanding floor products and installation services.

Pick us for your flooring needs, and you won’t regret it. Our product quality and variety, our excellent service standards, and our experts offer our customers great value.

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Empire’s Flooring Options

Within each of our flooring categories, we have many types and brands. There is a lot to choose from! Visit one of our showrooms to look through our product samples and talk with our sales reps.

We Install Carpet!

Carpet is one of the most popular floor products. With their huge carpeting rolls, big box stores would have consumers think installing carpet is easy. That’s not the case though! Installing carpeting in a safe, proper, and lasting way takes a professional.

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We Install Laminate Flooring!

Laminate flooring is available in many colors and patterns. However, there are four main surface types and three main plank types available. These can make laminate flooring seem more like natural wood. There are glue-less clickable planks for laminate flooring installation, which are quite popular due to the convenience factor.

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We Install Vinyl Flooring!

Vinyl is a flexible, moldable, and durable synthetic material. That’s why it’s so popular these days. Vinyl flooring is often mistaken for wood, ceramic, or other less affordable material.

Like carpeting, installing a vinyl floor seems easy enough that you could pick up several boxes of tile or a roll of sheet vinyl, and go home to do it yourself. Please call us before you do this, and find out first what it would cost you for our professionals to install vinyl flooring in your home.

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We Install Tile Flooring!

Its form defines floor tile. These pieces of equal (or complementary) size and shape are assembled somewhat like puzzle pieces. Laying floor tile is a precise art. Matching the edges might seem simple, but it can be challenging to align the edges properly while setting them in the grout. A lot of tile material is also fragile—and broken tiles can get expensive!

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We Install Hardwood Flooring!

Hardwood flooring is one of the oldest floor products and is still one of the most versatile and durable. Before installing hardwood flooring in your home, we suggest you speak with one of our staff experts about benefits, uses, and maintenance.

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Our Easy Process

All you need to get started on a flooring project is to call or fill out our convenient quote request form. We’ll come by your home or office to take measurements when it’s most convenient for you.

Reviews from Satisfied Customers

” We purchased plank oiled oak flooring from the folks at Empire here in Novato. The woman who assisted us was helpful and knowledgeable. The installers were FAST and did a great job. And the flooring is fantastic!”

– Kimmy J. 

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Let Empire Help You Pick The Perfect Flooring

Before calling or sending us your quote request [link to form], we highly recommend reading our advice page, Selecting the Best Flooring Options for Every Room in Your Home. Doing so will help prevent any long-term regrets about your flooring decision.

Choosing the right floor product is not an easy task. Let the experts at Empire Floors help you find the perfect floors for your home or office.

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