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  • Frieze Carpets
    Frieze offers a “shaggy” look and a soft, comfortable surface.
  • Plush Carpets
    Plush provides a smooth, even surface and is one of the most popular styles.
  • Pattern Carpets
    Patterned carpet is made from a combo of looped and cut fibers to create bold, large patterns, or simpler, modern carpet design.

Why Choose Carpet Installation Over Alternative Flooring Materials?

Carpet isn’t the only material that could be selected for your flooring, but it remains the best option for millions of homeowners across the country due largely to its versatility. Here are some of the benefits that you won’t always get with other flooring types:

Color Options

Carpets are available in a whole host of colors, shades, and finishes, meaning you can always find a solution to suit your vision for the home. When working with stone or wood materials, your options are far more restrictive.


Opting for carpet brings another texture to the room, making it a design feature that is sure to aid the room’s overall feel. Furthermore, millions of people find that the carpet is more comfortable underfoot than harder materials.

Insulation Properties

Choosing a carpet can be an excellent option for eco-friendly homeowners, as well as those who merely want to lower their bills. The extra layer of insulation is a clear winner for reducing energy bills. It’s also great at soundproofing in upstairs rooms.

Budget Versatility

Carpet is available in many different styles, fibers, thicknesses, and dye types. Whether it’s a luxury carpet for the living room or a budget version for the guest room or office is entirely up to you.


Many people worry that carpets won’t provide the lifespan they desire, but there is no doubt that the best carpets can provide years of service. Unlike many other flooring types, they are less prone to signs of wear and tear too, enabling your home to remain perfect for years.

Why Choose Carpet Installation – Conclusion

Carpets can be used in virtually any part of the home, although there are a couple of rooms where you may still want to choose alternative solutions. With the right carpet installation, you won’t go far wrong.

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