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If you have recently purchased any carpets from the Shaw range, chances are that you want to keep them looking as good as new for as long as possible. Alternatively, if you are still shopping for carpeting, you will want to make the right choice. If this is the case, the hints and tips below will help you to take excellent care of your new carpets.

  1. Opt for textures and Colors that will help Hide Dirt

If you have kids or pets, there is a strong chance that your carpeting will get dirty or stained over time – this is pretty much unavoidable. As a result, it is strongly recommended that you choose textures and colors that will be able to do a great job of hiding as much dirt and grime as possible. Try to avoid light-colored carpeting, as this will not hold up well in a busy household.

  1. Choose Options that are Stain- and Soil Resistant

A great way to ensure that your new carpets remain looking good for as long as possible is to opt for some of the newer generation stain- and soil resistant products. These carpets have been manufactured from solution dyed synthetic materials, meaning that they can easily be cleaned with a mild solution of bleach and water if required. If a spill or soiling occurs, these carpets also provide you with a little more time to attend to them before they become stained.

  1. Vacuum your Carpeting Often

Vacuuming your carpet not only helps to remove dirt and grime; it can help restore the pile after it has flattened from being walked over as well. It is recommended that you vacuum your new carpeting at least weekly – more often if you have pets or children though.

  1. Hire Professional Cleaners

In most cases, it is recommended that you have your Shaw carpets professionally cleaned once a year. This will prevent dirt and grime from being ingrained into the fibers and it will also keep your carpets looking new for many years to come. If you are able, it is also possible to hire a carpet cleaner and perform this task yourself. However, it can be quite labor intensive.

Keeping the above mentioned tips in mind will ensure that your newly installed Shaw carpeting looks good for as long as possible. Always follow manufacturer’s care instructions as well.

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