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As the weather becomes cooler, many homeowners start looking for ways to make their properties more comfortable for them and their families. One of the best ways to achieve this is by installing new DuPont carpeting in areas where your family will be spending a lot of their time, such as in family rooms and bedrooms. DuPont carpeting makes an excellent choice for many reasons.

Extremely Durable

DuPont carpet products have been specially manufactured and treated to ensure that they not only look aesthetically appealing; these products have been designed to last for many years after installation. This means that with the exception of a little vacuuming and cleaning from time to time, you can almost forget that you have had carpeting installed.

Stain and Soil Resistant

Another clear advantage that these carpets have over several other brands is that it is virtually impossible to stain them permanently. The Sorona used in the manufacturing of these carpets is able to hold color better, while also being completely resistant to stains or soiling.


DuPont carpeting that has been manufactured with Sorona comprises of the resilience that one would expect from nylon carpeting, along with the softness that is experienced when walking on polyester-based carpets. This means that they are extremely comfortable underfoot, even when no shoes are being worn.

Surprisingly Affordable

Although DuPont carpeting is most likely one of the most durable options on the market, their products are surprisingly affordable. This enables virtually any property owner to have good quality carpets installed at a price that they can afford.

If you would like to obtain carpeting at better than average prices, you may sometimes be able to take advantage of the end of range or end of season sales. These occur when carpet suppliers have to move leftover stock from previous years that have color or style variations that have since been discontinued or changed. In many cases, you could obtain these carpet products at steeply discounted rates of between 10% and 50% off the original selling prices.

After having your DuPont carpeting installed, it is essential that you keep it clean. Vacuuming regularly and mopping up spills as quickly as possible can achieve this. Although these carpets are stain-resistant, you wouldn’t want sticky beverages or foods to sit on the fibers for any longer than is absolutely necessary. It is also recommended that an underlay is installed with your new carpeting.

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