Are Vinyl Floor Tiles Practical?

When new floor coverings need to be purchased, many property owners completely forget about the fact that they don’t only have to use carpeting, laminate, solid hardwood or ceramic tiles. In fact, vinyl floor tiles can be just as aesthetically pleasing on a floor – often for a fraction of the cost of other types of flooring. There are quite a few benefits that can be enjoyed when using this type of flooring.

A Slightly Softer Surface
With the exception of some top quality carpet types, other floor coverings can be quite hard underfoot, which means that they are not overly comfortable to live with. However, vinyl floor tiles provide a somewhat softer surface to walk on, which is not only more comfortable; it is a lot quieter underfoot as well. This makes it an ideal option for high traffic rooms and areas such as kitchens, hall ways and entry ways. Vinyl tiles also provide a little more flexibility than other types of flooring, which makes them a lot more pleasant to stand on overall than tiles or hardwood.

Durable and Dirt Resistant
Other advantages of vinyl floor tiles are that they are a lot more durable than other types of flooring and they are extremely resistant to dirt and staining as well. In many cases, manufacturers of this type of flooring are willing to provide warranties of 15 years or more on their products, and if cared for according to manufacturer instructions, these floor tiles can last for well over 20 years – you would most likely grow tired of the design before the flooring wears through in any way! Most new vinyl floor tiles only need to be damp mopped once or twice a week to keep them looking clean and as good as they day they were installed.

Many Designs and Colors Available
Another benefit of vinyl floor tiles is that they are available in a great number of color and design options these days, which means that property owners will be able to have their flooring match the rest of their décor if they desire. If they want to try something different, they can even purchase different color tiles and use them to make a range of unusual patterns on their floor as well – provided that the tiles are all the same sizes. In addition, these tiles can usually be installed as a DIY project, provided that the floor that they are being installed on has been properly cleaned and prepared beforehand. These tiles can also be cut to size to fit in odd sized rooms or around cupboards.

In addition to looking great and being comfortable underfoot, vinyl floor tiles are usually highly affordable, meaning that most property owners will be able to make use of them. This means that there is no reason for any home to have unattractive or outdated flooring installed these days. When performing a DIY installation, it is essential to follow the instructions carefully, as this will help ensure that the vinyl floor tiles last as long as possible afterwards.

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