Are Carpet Squares Good Value for Money?

When the time comes to choose floor coverings, many people forget just how versatile the right carpet squares can be. Unlike in years gone by, these squares are now available in an extensive range of color, size and texture options, which means that they can be used in virtually any home or office environment with great success. There are many advantages associated with the use of carpet squares, which will be discussed below.

Affordable and Versatile
One of the main benefits of using carpet squares is that they are usually the most affordable type of carpeting on the market. This means that virtually anyone who needs a decent looking floor covering will be able to afford it. Another great advantage of using this type of carpeting is that it is versatile enough to be used in virtually any room in your home or office block. If you are looking for a floor covering with a difference, you can even purchase a few boxes of different colors and create random floor designs. There are virtually no limits when it comes to using carpet tiles to cover floors.

Easy to Transport and Replace
Another great advantage of using carpet tiles instead of solid piece carpeting is that they are easy to transport – there is no need to hire a truck to get your new carpet home. Unlike with solid carpeting that can be difficult to repair or replace, carpet squares can be replaced individually in cases where damage occurs. In addition, carpet squares are far easier to work with, especially in cases where a room is an odd shape or size – they are usually quite easy to cut to size. If you change your mind and want to choose a different carpet color at some stage, using the squares makes it far easier to do this as well.

Proper Installation Required
In order to get the most use out of carpet squares, it is essential to ensure that they are properly installed and that the adhesive used is spread liberally across the underside of each tile. This will prevent the corners from turning up and/or coming loose after a few months of use. It is also necessary to use the correct adhesive, as this will enable each square to be stuck down properly. Before sticking the squares down though, the floor will need to be cleaned and dried thoroughly to allow the squares to adhere for as long as possible. As with regular carpeting, a stain resistant finish can be applied to these squares to prevent them from becoming grimy and discolored over time.

When buying carpet squares, it is a good idea to purchase an extra box to keep on hand, as this will enable you to have the same color on hand in the event that any of them become damaged. Vacuuming these squares on a regular basis will ensure that they remain looking as good as new for many years to come.

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