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No flooring project is the same. That’s why we regularly take a closer look at every detail from style to the material. Read our blog to find out the latest trends, ideas, pros/cons, cleaning tips, and, etc.

Comparing Berber Carpet to Laminate Flooring

When installing new flooring, homeowners will need to ensure that the right choice is made beforehand. While some property owners may prefer to have something a little softer underfoot, others…

Compare Berber Carpet to Regular Carpet

Choosing the right carpeting is essential. Many property owners base choices on appearance alone, which can lead to frustration and additional care and maintenance being required at a later stage….

A Comparison between Berber and Plush Carpeting

After deciding to purchase new carpets, many property owners find themselves feeling overwhelmed at the sheer amount of options that are available. However, it’s essential that they choose wisely, as…

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