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Carpet has become one of the most popular forms of floor covering in homes and workplaces, and over the years, the available range of colors and types of carpeting have increased substantially.


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Hardwood flooring has been one of the most popular options in homes and business properties for more than 100 years.


Laminate »

Over the last decade or so, various types of laminate flooring have become extremely popular in homes and business properties.


Vinyl »

Vinyl flooring, especially vinyl plank flooring, has become a popular choice for many homes and business properties over the past few years due to its quick installation and easy maintenance.

The feel, look, and spirit of the room begins with the floor. From hardwoods to corks to carpets, each one can help you build the basis of a visual style and make a significant difference in what living in that room looks like. If you want to make sure you find the kind of floor that fits both the style and the life you want, get in touch with Empire Floors. There are few better ways to get prices, information, and tips on just about all kinds of floors, helping you take the first step towards the flooring you want.

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Is there a particular kind of flooring you have been interested in, but you’re not entirely sure what it might be like to live in reality? Do you want to install a carpet, but worry that it will be too high-maintenance? Or perhaps you really like the idea of an eco-friendly material like cork or bamboo but might be worried as to resilient or convenient it is. The Empire Flooring types pages list the cons, pros, and costs of just about every kind of floor on the market, as well as tips on how to better incorporate them in the home and ensure you get the best out of them in return.

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Once you’ve decided what kind of floor you like, you want to find someone reliable and trustworthy who can provide and install that flooring while remaining cost-effective. The Empire Flooring offers free, instant estimates, sourcing through most of your local flooring providers to find the best fit for you. We simply ask a few details, like what you’re looking for, where you live, and any other services you need or details you can provide. Empire Floors team of experts will return up to 4 free quotes from local floor contractors to get you started.

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Ever under our feet, suffering from all kinds of wear, tear, and dirt, the floors of the home are often some of the most used and abused parts of it. It’s no surprise that they can tend to get all kinds of marks, chips, and damage if they’re not cared for properly. Our maintenance information section updates constantly with new information to help you better care for your particular kind of floor. Learn how to properly clean vinyl floors, how to care for and enrich hardwood, how to patch damaged sections, and more. Give your floors the care they deserve with tips from Empire Flooring, and they’ll remain in great condition for much longer.

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Just like all renovations and redecorations, the flooring industry is constantly updating with new products that aim to provide something unique to you and the rest of the market. New materials like cork and bamboo come onto the scene, offering an eco-friendlier solution for your home. New synthetic fibers are used for carpets, improving their resilience and feel. If you are looking for the latest and greatest in flooring, then take a look through our reviews section. We take a closer look at every material, highlighting the pros, cons, and how cost-effective those new releases really are. We also often compile lists, such as which vinyl plank flooring is best, to help you better find the specific kind of floor you’ve already decided on.

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Which flooring you decide on often depends on your needs. If you have pets or children, how often you want to clean your floor, and so on. We collect resources that can help you figure out which floors are best for you and your needs in particular. The Empire Flooring experts are always looking at different types of flooring and different providers. Feel free to get in touch or connect with us on social media if you have a specific need you would like to see addressed. We can often provide some information on the spot, but we might also provide more details on what you want to see in future through our resources. We know that homeowners need personalized information suited to their needs when it comes to making a choice.

The Empire Flooring can help provide all kinds of flooring tips, from estimates on particular floors to tips on how to care for the flooring already in your room. We regularly update with posts looking at different kinds of materials, their pros, and cons, as well as floor maintenance, making us a valuable resource for anyone taking on large scale renovations or simply looking for a replacement.

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